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EN590 is a standard published by the European Committee for Standardization that describes the physical properties that all automotive diesel fuel must meet if it is to be sold in the European Union and several other European countries.

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  1. Clint Yuan says:

    Good day, and this is Clint from China MIT.

    We gratefully write you this sincere buy inquiry for EN590 + LCO + ESPO

    We are a direct buy agent having strong relationship with many BIG Oil Refineries and Wholesalers in China. 

    At hand, we eagerly hope to help one of our partners to get a safe supply of the following items. 

    1. Diesel (EN590) 10 PPM: 200-Thousand Tons per Month 

    2. Light Cycle Oil ( LCO )   : 100-Thousand Tons per week

    3. ESPO                          :  100-Thousand Tons Per Month    

    Destination                    :  Seaport Zhoushan, China

    Hopefully, we eagerly ask for the honor to buy them from your respectful company within the shortest time.

    If not too inconvenient , would you please kindly send us your best offers, CIF Seaport Qingdo and Seaport Zhoushan, China ?

    Your prompt reply will be highlyappreciated.

    Best regards, 


    MIT Auto Tech. Co.,
    Cell:886-970 118 182https://www.facebook.com/dustyuan
    Email:[email protected]
    Skype: dustyuan / Wechat: clint591012

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